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How it works

Clothes Junkies. Shop revived and reclaimed fashion. Sell your quality clothes.*


Brands we

Always take a look at the list of brands we are currently looking to buy, so you have the best chance to get a quote. This list is always changing, so make sure to follow us on social media.


Choose what
to sell

If the item(s) you want to sell is in good quality and meets our quality standards, then you can sell it to us using our easy online process.


Upload photos and

Tell us exactly what you are selling and provide us with good, clear photos of the whole item, front and back on a clear background. The steps are easy to follow with the instructions.


Get a quote

As soon as you've submitted your items, that's when we get working. Sit back, relax and wait for us to email you with your quote.


Free postage

Once you have accepted your quote, print your free postage label, stick it on the front of your parcel and drop it to any post office in the UK. Or use the QR code on your phone.


Get paid

Once we receive the item, we verify it is genuine and in excellent condition. If all looks good, then we'll send payment direct to your bank.

* We're currently only buying from the U.K.

* We ship to almost anywhere in the world.

We check and verify

We check every order we recieve to make sure the quality is correct and the photo descriptions match.

We do not accept fake or non-genuine items.


You can either use our free postage label and drop it to any post office in the UK. Or send it by courier yourself.

You can use most
bags or boxes

It doesn't have to be perfect. Use a bag from something you ordered online, or any box you can get your hands on.

24 hour

We pay you the same day we receive and check your items. Your cash should be in your bank account within 24 hours.

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